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Welcome to the website of "CompLab" LLC!

The main trends of our activity include:

Provision of qualitative services in the field of telecommunications
Provision of professional services in the field of information technologies
Development of Internet-guided applications of a various level of complexity -
from simple websites up to the multi-user systems under the control of databases.

We have started to work in 2000 and today we already offer our customers a wide range of information and telecommunication services which allow to reduce monthly expenses and to increase an overall performance.

We offer solutions in the field of network and computer technologies, designing and creation of a telecommunication infrastructure, development and implementation of information systems.

We are interested in long-term partnership and we aspire to meet in the work to all requirements of the customers, specificity of their business and features of representation of their information on the net.

We have professional technical support service. We are ready to arrive at our customers upon the first requirement for correcting, adjusting, solving the problems and helping to work better.

We are always ready to consider any offers on partnership.
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